About Us

Back in 2007 the idea of introducing a striking range of cricket equipment was our dream.

Then in 2008 this dream became a reality and Bulldog Cricket Limited was born.
2009 was a breakthrough year for us. Our new Pedigree bat was so well received that the Wisden Cricketer gave it a 4 Star award in its 2009 Good Gear Guide and our Pads and Gloves received the top award for "Boutique Brands" in the same review.

2010 was a year of consolidation but then in 2011 and 2012 Bulldog stepped into the "Big Boys" league winning award after award. In 2011 the Bulldog Pedigree came second out of hundreds of bats in the All Out Cricket 2011 Blank Bat Test and then again in 2012 the Pedigree Plus and the Growler both came in the top 10. What this now means is that Bulldog stands proudly next to all the big boys in the knowledge that our bats and equipment stand toe to toe with them.

Even with such a good start we're taking nothing for granted. So we decided that we needed to continue to work hard on the Bulldog brand, and now we are proud to offer you a more complete range. There are options on our pads and gloves that incorporate traditional construction features with ground-breaking design.

2013 has seen Bulldog open a small showroom where customers can come and touch and purchase our gear. If you are in the area please pop in, it would be great to see you.

Watch this space. The future is bright, the future is Bulldog!

Privacy policy
At Bulldog we keep all our customers information confidential. Under no circumstances will your details be passed on to a third party.

At Bulldog our aim is to supply you with the highest quality products possible. The bats you buy from us are superbly made to look and perform like no other. Every bat is meticulously checked and it’s not until we are sure of its quality, durability and performance that we will allow it to leave our care.

Our bats are made from top quality Willow which by nature is a soft fibrous wood, with a honeycomb like cell structure. All our bats are handmade with a subtle bow, creating an exaggerated sweet spot and superb pick-up. Our aim is to produce a bat that combines excellent hitting power with durability.

This combination is not easily attained. Once the cleft has been correctly graded the next stage is pressing. The willow fibres honeycomb structure needs to be compressed to strengthen the blade sufficiently to withstand impact. Pressing is a delicate balance between strengthening the willow and leaving the bat with good hitting qualities. A harder pressed bat has had the willow compressed more, and is therefore likely to last longer, but often the hitting power is compromised. Softer pressed bats tend to “go well” but they are more likely to crack. This is where Bulldog prides itself on supplying you with a bat that offers superb ball striking qualities.

At Bulldog we guarantee our cricket bats against premature breakage in the course of reasonable use and care, for a period of six months from the time of purchase. Should you experience any problems please contact us immediately so that we can suggest an appropriate course of action.

Due to the nature of the Cricket, it is possible that impacts may occur that exceed the limitations of our products. Bulldog Cricket accepts no responsibility whatsoever, for any injuries sustained or damages caused to property by the use of our products whether they be damaged or otherwise.

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